The Rules of Engagement are practically rules that any member of such community must abide by, besides the standard rules of the page and etc. Practically these rules are implemented in order to ensure that no one messes up with the continuity of the universe, and that every can be understanding and not necessarily confusing.

Rule.1 Do not talk about fight club in the lore.

Rule.2 Do not talk about fight club in the lore. Period.

Rule.3 There are only the five major factions, now minor factions can be as many as it pleases you.

Rule.4 The main characters, The Administrator, The Council, and the Knights of Razgriz cannot be killed, destroyed, or erased from existence. Period. No discussion.

Rule.5 There is no real world conflict. Only conflict inside the Wonderverse. Specifically the 144th iteration.

Rule.6 This isn't the matrix. This isn't Neo that gains god-like powers. They all have their limits, except The Administrator.

Rule.7 No pics that might sexually disturbing, or practically generally disturbing in general. Not that I'm being over critical, but let's keep it user friendly.

Rule.8 Do not ever make The Council enter the Wonderverse.