The Null Void is the part of the False Wonderverse that most of the trash and dead NPCs go to. There the laws of physics and mechanics, whether being regular classical to quantum and the Wonderverse's own ability mechanics are broken down to abstract theory and mind theorems based on The Administrator's own thoughts. The Null Void usually is made of two parts.

The Heaven Edit

The heaven of the Null Void is where all the useful and applicable NPCs are placed in order to be repaired and be used as bytes of processing information for The Administration in the real world. Also any dead avatars will be processed into data for the Organics that depart their bodies and used a a ceremonial memorial for the dead in the real world with the Administration.

The Scion of Destruction Edit

This part of the Null Void is where most of the chaos of the renown Wonderverse is. Here all useless or potentially harmful NPCs go and fight the countless waves of the Gamemaster's war. Here there is a constant war and people constantly die and come back, only to fight in wars then and then again. There are people who were able to make multiple factions to survive The Scion of Destruction. However they still constantly deal with war and eventually so many die that the factions disband. Also any dead and "evil" human beings will be placed here so that they can remove him/her and then deal with the person responsible in the real world. Possibly placing him in solitary confinement for the rest of their days.