This is the False Wonderverse Lore. The lore of course can be manipulated into multiple iterations and stories, so the main canon is also arguably debatable. However this lore is considered the foundation, and should be used in order to make the rest of the universe practically make sense.

The False Wonderverse practically speaking is a universe, developed by a secret society known as Project VIRIDIAN. They after 3 years in Earth which was known as the "Great War" eventually decided that they must preserve human life, saving the remaining survivors of mankind in slumber, while the rest of mankind decide the fate in the real world. In the end however, only society of Project VIRIDIAN survived, and in the end, the society was forced to maintain the earth, due to the world now being unsuitable to live in, albeit certain areas within the world.

They selected from the 10 billion existing human beings from the time 300 million survivors or "Organics" as they call them, and sent them to space in "Console Pods." Where they exist in a cybernetic world called The False Wonderverse and reside there, existing until it is time for them to return.

Of course there were a small 1% of approximately 3 million "Administrators" which have been tasked to look over the "Organics" and make sure they survive throughout their iterations.

In the end of the year of 2130, there is currently 144 iterations, with the 144th iteration of the False Wonderverse commencing.