The False Wonderverse is a virtual universe. Approximately 100 billion light years in diameter, with an approximate expansion of absolute 0. The shape is purely spherical. With the layout of stars and cosmic radiation being completely symmetrical and geometrically ordered to the core. The Wonderverse has approximately 30 galaxies, each in span of 1,000,000 parsecs in diameter. All approximately 1,000 parsecs from each other. They each have atleast 300 planets within their vicinity and 2 planets from their central supermassive black hole. The False Wonderverse also has approximately 7 billion populating the entire universe, with the highest concentration of people being in the Astati Core. Right at the center of the False Wonderverse. The False Wonderverse consists of two sections. The observable Wonderverse, which is approximately 50 billion light years in diameter, consists of everything we can see, such as the galaxies and the existing factions and human beings. The second part of the False Wonderverse is the Null Void, where trashed NPCs, dead human avatars, and other trash goes to, and is practically impossible to reach due to the programming enabling abstract theory and multiple quantum theories that mankind itself does not understand.