There are 5 main factions. Practically these are the biggest and baddest of them all. Usually if you're a character in the False Wonderverse, you typically be part of the biggest. I won't mention the lower factions because there might be an infinite amount of factions. So the 5 main factions will suffice until a later date.

The United Conglomerate-

Agrarian culture like society bent on expanding for further nutrition and farming for themselves. They're usually the lowest technologically advanced of the 5 factions, but have the most resources for themselves and hence are one of the most influential. They were formed by 10 council members known as the Great Tribunal. These 10 members eventually made a huge company which eventually lead to a political conglomerate with multiple galaxies within their control.

The Sapin Inquistion-

A splinter and stealth ops faction bent on simply being military advanced. Making them one of the deadliest and sharpest warriors within the entire Wonderverse. They were originally built from the United Conglomerate. However they've rebelled due to the Conglomerate failing to give them proper protection from the other big factions, and eventually the Sapin Inquisition is formed.

The Nation Of Antioch-

A rich and power faction, also one of the most stable factions within the Wonderverse. They've been solely focused on ensuring the safety of their people, and due to their neutral like culture, and passive stance within galaxial and universal affairs, they're commonly to themselves and not part of any type of conflict. This faction however, is the most strongest in terms of defense, as they themselves have the strongest armies and navies within the entire Wonderverse.

The Viridian Core-

The most obscure and most occultic out of all the factions. This factions bent on finding The Administrator and achieving immortal power to become "gods" in their own right. They use dark abilities which eventually lead to evil manipulation of the universe which makes them the most hated of all factions. However in terms of abilities, they're the strongest as they're the most ability used.

The Slaytorian Empire

Arguably the strongest and most versatile empire of all the factions. This faction is bent on conquest and purity. They focus on establishing morality and make sure the other factions don't go out of line and follow the main rules that The Administrator placed on them. They like the Viridian Core, are ability users, however they don't go occultic and instead they use computerized abilities.

Trivia Edit

The Sapin Inquistion is based on the game Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, with Sapin the country as their source.

The Original Source of the factions was in an EXTREMELY modified Minecraft game.