“Alright then… Let’s make this iteration ready.” Said a man from a distance.

“Well then. Specify exactly what iteration is this?” Said a doctor with a white coat. Looking at a blue computer screen in a dark, vast room.

“Iteration 144. Codename the False Wonderverse.” Said the man again.

“Alrighty then. We’ll move on to the first stage of the creation of this iteration.” Said the Doctor, “O-5 Council. The Viridian cortex is on.”

“Go on. We’ll watch from here Doctor Euclid.” Said one of the silhouettes of the Council members. Looking through a glass within the dark room.

“Activating the Viridian Cortex.” Said Doctor Euclid.

The room suddenly lights up, revealing the man wearing red armor along with his white lab coat. His face obscured by a helmet which glows red, as the now bright white room is filled with multiple rotating finger-like rods which glow red. The rods start to  speed up and rotate clockwise and glow bright red as it emits red beams upon the spherical room.

“Activating Engine: Viridian.” The Councilman said.

The room suddenly turns dark as the room now is filled with bright blue grid lines, as it visually displays a universe. Space expansive with multiple galaxies and multiple nebulas within the galaxy.

“It’s beautiful.” Said Doctor Euclid, who’s armor is now blue not red.

“Well… The universe is born. Insert the 5 stems of brotherhood. Hopefully this iteration won’t fail.” Said the councilman.

“Hopefully.” Doctor Euclid said, who is moving around the room, causing space to be bended.

“Well then. This is cool.” Doctor Euclid said again. Moving around as space bends.

“Alright Doctor, please enter your console and administrate the creation protocol.” Said the councilman,

“Understood.” Said Doctor Euclid, he then starts walking forward. Creating a tetrahedron which formed a cube that constantly rotated around his hand.

“Alright. The creation protocol is good. Now into your console and please administrate. We’ll introduce the stems.” The Councilman said.

Doctor Euclid then walked across the room into a door which he left the room from. Suddenly 5 different colors of red, blue, green, orange, and purple entered the room. They formed different symbols as they stood there, with the energy in the room displaying the universe.

“Alright then.” Spoke The Administrator, “Activating the Planetary creation protocol.”

“Do it.” Said a voice in the outside of the barren space.

“Ability. Level O5. Planetary Creation. Abilitis.” Said The Administrator, suddenly planets started forming around him, his red aura giving the planets life as the planets suddenly depart from his presence.

“So I’ll become God in this timeframe.” Said The Administrator.

“Know your place Admin. You’re just an overseer.” The voice of space said once again.

“Understood.” The administrator said, before flying off into space.

“Let the Factions commence. The False Wonderverse has finally been born.” The Administrator said.