The Administration composes of two different groups. The Administration within the inside of the False Wonderverse, and the Administration within the outside of the False Wonderverse. Since most of the lore is inside of the False Wonderverse. We'll discuss the interior Administration.

The Administrator- Level O-5X- The Overseer of the Wonderverse

Ramona Razgriz- Level O-5X- The White Winged Angel

The Gamemaster- Level O-5X- The Scion of Destruction

The Player- Level O-5X- The Awakened One

Now these administrators have basic roles. Practically they create and oversee and make sure no faction becomes too strong, or that there must be peace within the universe in general. Of course that doesn't mean they abide by the rules. There is war in the universe in general, but they tend to do what they want.

To become an Adminsitrator. Specifically one other than the 4 mentioned above, which is of Level-O-5. They must be chosen by the Adminsitration above them, and must oversee their factions and make sure they do not monopolize their faction above all others. Otherwise they'd be punished.