NPCs are Non-Player Characters, otherwise Computer Artificial Intelligence that is capable of interacting and talking with the players within the False Wonderverse. They make up for the rest of the 100 billion human population within the False Wonderverse, as only 7 billion are actually Organics. These Artificial Intelligence artifacts are capable of thinking on their own, and perceiving emotion, often confusing them with actual human beings, however, when they die, they deplete into bytes and disappear into the Null Void. The artificial intelligence also has multiple rules that The Administration has placed upon them, to prevent them becoming self-aware.

1.When fighting a actual player, they will always attempt to truly kill the player

2.They can fall in love and procreate with fellow human beings, only if the human is disconnected will they be ceasing to exist.

3. NPCs cannot go within 1 parsec of the Administrator's presence, lest they cease to exist.

4. NPCs cannot fight against any Level-4 Player nor NPC, lest they will lose and possibly cease to exist.

5. Should a NPC become self-aware and realize they're not in the real world. They will immediately cease to exist, should they bypass this, then they will be given judgement to enter the real world as an android or not (Usually this is a farce in order to find a way to terminate the Self-Aware NPC)

6.Should the NPCs "kill" all players, then they will cease to exist and a new iteration of the False Wonderverse will begin.

Note. These NPCs are just as aware and adapting as actual human beings, hence the confusion.