Levels in the game are the main method to acquire higher abilities and are ranks to determine leadership over people. Levels also acquire a certain "influence" over people, making it one of the most desired of all things to have in the Wonderverse.

Concept Edit

Levels conceptually are considered something of a bloodline within the Wonderverse. People consider levels as a sign that people are natural leaders, and people who are above their original level are considered "Officers" or "Kings" in their own right. They also determine the social class within the wonderverse, with higher levels having a higher income than the ones with a lower level.

Level Clearance Edit

Levels commonly also have clearances to do other things.

Level-1 Edit

Level 1 commonly have basic human abilities, such as farming and cultivating, engineering, and computer manipulation. Practically you can anything that you can do in the real world. You do however have some

Level-2 Edit

Level 2 has more abilities and a basic influence, they are commonly are stronger and faster than most Level-1's usually are leaders of Level-1 squadrons. They also have access to the Library but only in lower levels.

Level-3 Edit

Level 3 has more abilities and a medium influence above Level-2s and Level-1s. They also have more access in the library.

Level-4 Edit

Level-4 has absolute influence above all levels below them and have unrestricted access to the library. However they cannot reach the "Ascended form."

Level-5 Edit

Level-5 have a influence above Level-4's and have unrestricted access to the library and omnipotence. They also can reach the "Ascended Form."

O-5 Edit

O-5 has all unrestrictions except the rules the O-5X has upon them.

O-5X Edit

They have no restrictions. Period. They also have absolute influence above all levels below them.

Ascended Form Edit

The Ascended form is a transformation in which the player or NPC is able to manipulate a person's thoughts, actions, and perceptions. They also have the ability to actually leave the Wonderverse should they choose to do it. They in this form have unlimited stamina and are able to kill players in the game and in real life. They also have the ability to potentially destroy the False Wonderverse, and create a new iteration.

The Library Edit

The library is a collective knowledge database where players are able to enter, to find anything they need. Similar to the internet, it's all interconnected, however has certain zones which are restricted based on level. The ones above Level 4 have full knowledge, and practically have all the knowledge in the human world. However, not everyone can take such knowledge because of the sheer amount.

Trivia Edit

The level layout was inspired by the SCP-Foundation Level clearances.

The Library has some similarity to the Domain from Halo.