Console pods are containment chambers where human Organics are placed into in order for them to enter the False Wonderverse. Specifically. It's a chamber which simulates the VR aspect of the Wonderverse and allows the user to enter without any alterations or latency. However console pods do have drawbacks as they do not supply the nutritional or life supporting interfaces which the Organics so desperately need. However, they do have ports that can send nutrients toward the organics.

Setup Edit

Console pods are constantly built as a human sized and sealed steel cylinder shaped chambers which have 6 holes. Each of them signify a different type of nutrient or commodity that can help the organics survive during long durations of login time. There is also a console within the pod. Which has multiple commands whether or not to enable a person to be considered a "player" or an "administrator." There is also a life expectancy bar within the console pods to determine when is the best time to dispose of the organic when it's time.

Mechanism Edit

Console pods use a mixture between light manipulation and radio waves to hinder the sense of consciousness of the person. The radio waves enable only the perception of the person within the Wonderverse, while the light will make the body sleep, using classified and as of yet unknown means of light and chemical manipulation.